May 22, 2022

Indiana Toll Road debuts smart parking network for truckers

PORTAGE, Ind. (AP) — The private consortium that operates the Indiana Toll Road has launched a smart parking network to help guide truckers to places to rest while they’re out on the road.

ITR Concession Co. has installed smart signage that uses sensors and cameras to allow commercial drivers to see how many parking spaces are available at upcoming exits. Truckers normally get sleep while parked in their trucks at rest stops, truck stops and similar spots.

IRT Concession said the smart parking network’s goal is to “create a safer and more efficient travel experience” for truckers by letting them better plan for rest stops on trips through Indiana, The Northwest Indiana Times reported.

A company, eX² Technology, developed a high-speed fiber corridor along the toll road and installed the signs along the tollway’s 157 miles, which run across the northernmost part of Indiana from its border with Ohio to its border with Illinois.

Sensors track the number of available spaces, which is updated in real-time and through web, iOS and Android applications.

Rick Fedder, ITR’s chief operating officer, said the technology promises to allow commercial drivers “to plan their trips more accurately” while also helping reduce congestion at parking locations.

Built in 1956, the Indiana Toll Road has heavy truck traffic, particularly long-haul drivers between the Midwest and Northeast.

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