June 12, 2024

New natural products support ruminant health

Robert Tims shows the new PhytoCare paste products for ruminant animals at his exhibitor booth during the World Dairy Expo. The dial on the tube can be rotated to dispense an accurate amount of product on the back of a calf’s tongue.

MADISON, Wis. — Livestock producers raising ruminant animals have new all-natural products they can use to support ruminant health.

“We’ve had products formulated for swine and poultry and now we’re introducing our ruminant products at expo,” said Robert Tims, sales and business development for Precision Health Technologies.

“The PhytoCare products are designed for young ruminants,” said Tims from his exhibitor booth at the World Dairy Expo. “We are using plant extracts that are great for anti-inflammation or to help animals through heat stress.”

PhytoCare products are available in both liquid and paste forms.

“Our liquid products are highly absorbent,” Tims said. “They are great for cellular health and for the gut lining and you can spray it on the skin for any type of cut or abrasion.”

Veterinarians use the skin spray in their clinics after surgery, Tims said.

“The polyphenols promote health,” he said.

Four paste products are available in color-coded tubes, which are dispersed on the back of an animal’s tongue.

The white tube includes protective proteins, vitamins and probiotics.

“The blue tube is for the animal that is a little off and we add things like oregano,” Tims said.

The yellow tube is designed for animals that have intestinal stress and looseness.

“The red tube is for calves that have diarrhea and it includes the activated phenolic molecules to give them all the natural health we can,” the salesman said.

Livestock producers are looking for natural animal health products, Tims said, because of the consumer demand for antibiotic-free protein and the legislative changes for the availability of antibiotics.

“Now you can only use antibiotics if they are prescribed, so farmers that used to go to a farm store to grab basic antibiotics have to contact a veterinarian to get a prescription,” Tims said.

“We started doing field tests almost a year ago and we worked with Amish goat owners in Iowa,” he said. “They gave 1 cc for every 10 pounds of the goats’ bodyweight. Some of the goats got an oral product and some got the liquid product in the milk replacer.”

The farmers used the PhytoCare products for three months.

“Some said they didn’t use any antibiotics and others said they used some antibiotics for respiratory problems,” Tims said. “Another group said if they had issues, they gave GI-Revive and they liked the results, so this year they’re ordering it along with their milk replacer.”

The company has also done some trials in bull calf operations.

“The producer used our paste products and he realized less scours and there was a better reaction when there were scours,” Tims said.

PhytoCare producers are available through the company’s website and from distributors.

“We are selling products here at the show,” Tims said. “I want to get it into people’s hands so they realize how great it is.”

Visitors from several countries attend the World Dairy Expo.

“This is a very international show and the Europeans and South Africans have been limited to antibiotics for a long time,” Tims said. “So, if we can use natural products to promote health and save antibiotics for when we need them, that’s the ideal scenario.”

For more information about PhytoCare products, call 605-696-5606 or go to www.precisionhealthtechnologies.com.

Martha Blum

Martha Blum

Field Editor