July 23, 2024

USDA allows emergency CRP grazing in 5 Illinois counties

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — Adams, Hancock, Pike, Randolph and Schuyler counties have been authorized for emergency grazing use on all eligible Conservation Reserve Program acres during the primary nesting season due to extreme drought conditions.

Extreme drought conditions exist when a county reaches D2 for eight consecutive weeks or D3 on the U.S. Drought Monitor.

“Producers who are interested in emergency grazing of eligible CRP acres must request FSA county office approval before starting any grazing activities,” said Scott Halpin, state executive director of the Farm Service Agency in Illinois.

“The request must include a modified conservation plan from the Natural Resources Conservation Service with grazing provisions,” the U.S. Department of Agriculture official said.

When extreme drought conditions exist, grazing is restricted to less than 50% of the normal carrying capacity.

Emergency grazing is permitted through Sept. 30. All livestock must be removed from the CRP acreage by that date.

Producers can use the eligible CRP acreage under the emergency grazing provisions for their own livestock or may grant another livestock producer use of the eligible CRP acreage. The CRP acreage is limited to acres located within the approved county.

All practices for emergency grazing are eligible except CP38 (SAFE) and Conservation Reserve Enhancement acres. There will be no CRP annual rental payment reduction for 2023 emergency grazing authorizations.

For more information or to request approval for emergency grazing use of CRP acres, visit www.farmers.gov or contact: Adams County FSA, 217-224-9307; Hancock County FSA, 217-357-2188; Pike County FSA, 217-285-5448; Randolph County FSA, 618-443-4381; Schuyler County FSA, 217-322-3358.