August 10, 2022

Indiana changing cattle, swine entry permit rules

INDIANAPOLIS — Entry requirements will now be different for most cattle and swine.

Previously, with few exceptions, all cattle and swine being transported into Indiana must have a permit issued by the Indiana State Board of Animal Health prior to entry.

Beginning in 2022, when a digital certificate of veterinary inspection for the transported animals is sent to BOAH electronically prior to entry, the pre-entry permit requirement is waived.

The change is possible because a majority — more than 90% — of cattle and swine are regularly moved under digital CVIs submitted by licensed and accredited veterinarians.

Because technology delivers the CVIs to BOAH rapidly and before the animal arrives, the permit has become redundant. Waiving the permit will save producers and veterinary clinics time and an extra step.

Cattle and swine that are accompanied by traditional paper CVIs must still have a pre-entry permit issued by BOAH. Permits may be obtained online any time at or by calling the agency at 317-544-2400 during regular business hours.