October 04, 2022

From the Pastures: Living in gratitude

I finally got my beans out Oct. 20 and the wheat was planted one hour after the combine left the field. With the way the lawn grass has been growing — the last time I mowed was Nov. 10 — I thought my wheat should pop right through the ground. Well, on Nov. 10 I could just “row” it. So, I’m going to see what the winter brings and make a decision in the spring. I’m not very optimistic.

The lambs and calves are gaining nicely on the summer cover crops and will be moving over to the winter cover crops in about one week. The winter cover crops are about knee-high and very thick, so they should be good feed for all the growing stock.

On Nov. 15, Facebook showed me pictures from three years ago and it showed my four-wheeler with net fences on the ATV and several inches of snow on the ground. I was putting up net fences for another lot in the snow. Right now, I have green grass and no snow. It has been quite the year. At least a bull rider only has to stay on for eight seconds. We’ve been on this wild ride for 11 months and counting.

The old ewe flock is 10 miles away doing landscaping duties. So far, they have cleaned up two farms and are working on the third farm. This gives my permanent pastures a rest and time to build up a stockpile of forage for the winter feeding program. With this mild fall weather I have not gotten the urgency to set up my winter watering systems. I need to get with it or I’ll be doing it with wet, cold hands and the wind blowing up my back.

Remember to give thanks every day and not just on Thanksgiving Day.

Elton Mau

Elton Mau

Arrowsmith, Ill.