September 26, 2021

Tallman joins dairy association

INDIANAPOLIS — There will be a new face at American Dairy Association Indiana in a new role that combines aspects of other areas into one — the innovation partnership manager.

And it will be a familiar face.

Heather Tallman, who worked at Indiana Grown for several years, will join ADAI on July 6.

When creating this position, the association took the opportunity to look at the parts of its dairy and food retail areas and The Dairy Bar that have changed or morphed over the last several years, said ADAI CEO Jenni Browning.

The new position will allow the individual to work on connecting more with the dairy association and dairy farmers, as well as work on building partnerships with other groups and the retail side.

Tallman fits perfectly into the position, Browning said.

“She did great with growing Indiana Grown,” Browning said, noting that she now sees Indiana Grown products and signage in grocery stores.

Browning said she is excited that Tallman will be able to focus her passion for agriculture and her creativity on the dairy industry.

“The position is basically partner strategy with the dairy industry,” she said.

Tallman’s focus will be on building relationships with partners and building relationships across the dairy food chain, all while working with dairy processing and products, as well as retail food spaces.

“My opinion is Tallman is a perfect fit,” Browning said, adding that Tallman is great at developing relationships with industry partners.

Tallman will also be the leader of The Dairy Bar at the Indiana State Fairgrounds and will serve as the liaison between the volunteers that work at the ice cream stand or a sandwich grill and customers and dairy farmers.

Ashley Estes

Ashley Estes

Field Editor