January 18, 2022

From the Pastures: Wool power

I recall when January was the coldest month of the winter. This year, February has been freezing. I must be getting old because I just do not like the cold weather anymore. The sheep really do not seem to mind at all. Guess that shows that wool is good for insulation and keeping warm.

Our hay supply is holding up well. The sheep are keeping good condition on them eating mostly hay. We have some guests in the barn who are also enjoying the hay. A family of bunnies has adopted the barn as a place to stay out of the cold. They sit on top of the hay bale and watch us feed the sheep. It is enjoyable to watch them.

On these cold days, I think about all the sheep producers whose sheep are lambing now. Always the coldest or stormiest time when the lambs decide to be born. I wish all farmers a successful lambing season. We do not start lambing until the end of March. As soon as the bitter cold ends, I need to start gathering supplies and set up the barn.

As I mentioned, wool is a good fiber for the winter weather. Did you know that wool is breathable? The air spaces in wool fabric insulate, but also allow moisture to easily pass through. This keeps your skin dry and controls body temperature. This characteristic is unique to wool. Wool is also a natural fiber and renewable. Stay warm and wear wool.

Jane Zeien

Jane Zeien

Belvidere, Ill.