June 12, 2024

Senior News Line: Skip the yard sale

Decluttering should not be thought of as a negative, time-consuming, draining process. It should bring peace to your life and allow you to love your home again.

If all the decluttering you did over the summer has now left you with piles of belongings, you might be ready to just have it all gone.

And you might say, “I think I’ll hold a yard sale!” If you’ve been to several yard sales, it looks so easy.

Holding a yard sale is a lot of work. There’s all that sorting and pricing and carrying and recruiting of help, not to mention going around to post flyers — and taking them down after the event — as well as worrying whether the weather will cooperate with a mild, non-rainy day.

And then you carry back into the house all the things you didn’t sell and stack them up again.

When you really just want it all gone, you have a few other choices. What you need to remember is the “twice” rule: Only pick up and carry an item twice.

You pick up an item and put it in your vehicle, and you pick up that item to take it to its final spot. That’s it.

A consignment shop near you can help you earn a few dollars for items in good condition. Some will concentrate on clothing and others might prefer bric-a-brac and knick-knacks.

Be sure to clarify the details before you take your items to drop off: How is the pricing decided and what cut does the shop take?

Is there a time limit on how long your items can stay there? Is your agreement in writing?

Donations to charity organizations such as Goodwill or The Salvation Army won’t get you any cash, but you might end up with a small tax deduction if you get a receipt. Check their websites for information on how to calculate the value of your donations.

Remember: Only pick up an item twice!

Matilda Charles

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