October 16, 2021

Senior News Line: Budget to stay busy, not bored this winter

This winter is not going to be a repeat of last year, at least not at my house. COVID will no doubt keep raging around the world, limiting our options for activities, canceling plans that were made with fingers crossed. But here at home I’m going to be busy, not bored.

I’ve decided to spend a little mental health money that in a normal world I would have used for meals out, a few new outfits and maybe a couple of weekends away at a very nice hotel in the next state.

To make up for the disappointments, I’ve renewed my Amazon Prime, not only for the free shipping, but for the movies and videos I can watch for free. There are hundreds of documentaries, including ones on travel, giving me great views of places where I can’t currently go.

There are thousands of movies and television series I can watch with my Roku device. And then there are the books, sent instantly to my Kindle, with font sizes I can change in a moment.

If I’m in the mood for British television and movies, Adobe.tv has a big selection — even Australian — only costing a few dollars per month. BritBox is nearly as good as Adobe, at almost the same price.

I’m looking at an inexpensive exercise bike, possibly a recumbent one. These allow all the movements of riding a bicycle, but there is a seat back to lean against and two handles to hold. If there is no space for a bike, there are pedal machines that can be used while seated in a chair.

And then there are the arts and crafts to fill the long days. I searched online for crafts for adults and found thousands of kits, including several types I’d never tried before. Some of them, if they turn out well, might end up being holiday gifts I won’t have to shop for.

Matilda Charles

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