October 19, 2021

Senior News Line: Recreation center shuttered again

Well, that certainly didn’t last long. My town’s recreation center opened last week for indoor walking only — no classes, no basketball, no anything else — then shut down again just as quickly.

It seemed like it would be safe: only a certain number allowed into the building at one time, no walking with a buddy, walking by yourself in one lane on the track, enter the building at your designated time and leave when your time is up. What could go wrong?

What went wrong was the Mask Police.

We’re supposed to be able to exercise without a mask. Except, cried the Mask Police, we would be exercising indoors. Indoors equals need for masks.

I hear it was a very heated board meeting, with those on opposing sides quite vocal in presenting their cases. The anti-mask contingent was adamant that it was dangerous to ask us to mask up while exercising.

The Mask Police insisted that COVID-positive people would be exhaling germs all over the rec center. They even brought charts and graphs. In the end, the rec center supervisor threw his hands in the air and declared the center closed for the foreseeable future.

Meanwhile, there’s a bright spot on the horizon for this winter. The local senior center is once again hosting the Senior Health Fair. The purpose of the annual event is to link seniors with resources in the area.

Companies and providers sign up to showcase their wares and offerings, including housing, products aimed at seniors, fitness, legal help, the fire department, senior-living retirement communities, the YMCA, medical services, at-home nurse visits and much more.

This year, however, like last year, it will all be online. Each exhibitor will have videos and “live” online events that seniors can “visit” via computer. There will be entertainment, but unfortunately, no snack tables.

Matilda Charles

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