December 10, 2023

USDA hikes ‘I’ state corn yield estimates

WASHINGTON — “I” state average corn yield projections were pushed slightly higher in the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s crop production report released Nov. 9.


USDA increased an already projected record average corn yield in Indiana by another 3 bushels from last month to 200 bushels per acre.

It’s the second consecutive month USDA ramped up the projected yield average by 3 bushels per acre and is 10 bushels above 2022. The previous record of 195 bushels was set in 2021.

The projected 5.38 million harvested acres is anticipated to produce 1.076 billion bushels, compared to 974.7 million bushels from 5.13 million acres last year.

Indiana’s record average soybean yield of 61 bushels per acre is unchanged from the October estimate, 1 bushel above the 2021 top yield. The 2022 average yield was 57.5 bushels.

If the projected yield reaches fruition, Indiana will produce 334.28 million bushels from 5.48 million harvested acres. Last year’s soybean crop from 5.83 million harvested acres produced 335.225 million bushels.


USDA hiked the Prairie State’s projected average corn yield by 3 bushels from last month to 203 bushels per acre, 11 bushels below the 2022 record.

The 11 million harvested corn acres are estimated to produce 2.233 billion bushels compared to the just over 2.268 billion harvested from 10.6 million acres last year.

The average soybean yield in Illinois was unchanged from the October estimate at 61 bushels per acre, with the 10.3 million harvested acres producing 628.3 million bushels.

The 63 bushels per acre average yield in 2022 produced 677.25 million bushels from 10.75 million acres.


Iowa’s average corn yield was increased by 1 bushel from last month to 200 bushels per acre, matching the 2022 average.

USDA estimates harvested acres of 12.6 million for a total production of 2.52 billion bushels, compared to 2.47 billion bushels from 12.35 million harvested acres a year ago.

Iowa’s estimated average soybean yield of 58 bushels per acre was unchanged from last month’s projection. Harvested acres of 9.87 million could produce 572.46 million bushels of soybeans this year.

The state averaged 58.5 bushels per acre in 2022, producing 586.755 million bushels from 10.03 million harvested acres.


U.S. soybean production is forecast at 4.13 billion bushels, up 1% from the October estimate, but down 3% from last year.

Based on conditions as of Nov. 1, the nation’s soybean yields are expected to average 49.9 bushels per acre, up 0.3 bushel from both the previous forecast and last year.

Area harvested for beans is forecast at 82.8 million acres, unchanged from the previous forecast, but down 4% from 2022.

Record high soybean yields are also forecast in Arkansas, at 53 bushels per acre; Mississippi, 57; Ohio, 58; and Tennessee, 54.

U.S. corn production for grain is forecast at a record high 15.2 billion bushels, 11% above last year and 1% higher than the October forecast.

The national corn yield average is projected at 174.9 bushels per bushel, up 1.9 bushels from the previous forecast and 1.5 bushels higher than last year.

Area harvested for grain, forecast at 87.1 million acres, is unchanged from the previous forecast 10% above last year.

Record high corn yields are also forecast in Alabama, at 168 bushels per acre; Georgia, 183; New York, 168; Ohio, 195; South Carolina, 150; and Tennessee, 177.

Tom Doran

Tom C. Doran

Field Editor