June 20, 2024

Hartman elected NCGA vice president

WATERLOO, Ill. — Kenneth Hartman Jr. was elected the next first vice president for the upcoming fiscal year by the National Corn Growers Association, effective Oct. 1.

As a fifth-generation farmer and a passionate advocate for the agricultural industry, Hartman has made a remarkable impact in Illinois and will now serve as a leading voice for corn growers across America.

Hartman was a volunteer Illinois Corn board member for 18 years serving in leadership as chair and president on both Illinois Corn Growers Association and Illinois Corn Marketing Board.

“Illinois Corn is proud of Ken Hartman’s achievement. His decades of visionary leadership and passion representing Illinois farmers and Illinois Corn will be a great asset for National Corn Growers Association and we’re excited for him to advocate for nationwide corn farmers,” said Matt Rush, ICGA president and farmer in southern Illinois.

Hartman, along with his wife, Anita, daughter, Amanda, and mother, Joann, operates a successful grain farm in Waterloo.

Beyond their primary crops, the Hartman family has ventured into specialty crops like tofu soybeans and white corn, showcasing their innovative and forward-thinking approach.

By embracing cutting-edge precision farming technologies, they have paved the way for sustainable agricultural practices.

Harman currently chairs the NCGA Finance Committee. He also served as co-chair of the 2023 Commodity Classic committee and in 2021 was honored by Prairie Farmer magazine with the Master Farmer award for his exceptional agricultural production skills, as well as his commitment to family and service.

“I’m honored to serve America’s corn farmers in a new way with NCGA,” Hartman said. “I look forward to working with my fellow officers as we tackle issues that are critically important to corn growers and rural America.”

As of Oct. 1, Tom Haag of Minnesota will assume the role of chairman, and the current first vice president, Harold Wolle of Minnesota, will transition into the position of NCGA president.

Looking ahead, in October 2024, Wolle will assume the role of chairman, while Hartman will ascend to the presidency.