December 02, 2023

New GSI Connect mobile app to improve grain quality and profitability

ASSUMPTION, Ill. — GSI is introducing a new mobile app, called GSI Connect, that will optimize the quality and profitability of dried grain and eventually connect customers with their entire grain system.

The app’s initial capability provides farmers peace of mind with near real-time information about their dryer’s performance.

To minimize risk, improve drying consistency and provide savings on operational costs, GSI Connect empowers an operator to make quicker decisions to protect their hard-earned crop.

During the short harvest season, GSI Connect gives a farmer critical information to reduce downtime and maximize drying capacity and productivity.

“Farmers can now access key portable dryer information from the GSI Connect mobile app, including temperature and moisture, output data and component status, and remotely control portable dryer operation,” said Greg Trame, GSI director of technology sales.

“Controlling your dryer from the combine seat, the semi or even while at home offers peace of mind and comfort.”

Trame said the GSI Connect digital platform will be expanded as more grain storage and handling systems become connect-ready, helping farmers to maximize efficiency and grain quality.

Early Harvest ROI Calculator

Trame noted that portable dryers allow farmers to harvest earlier in the season, which helps avoid invisible or mechanical yield loss.

GSI has developed an early harvest ROI calculator that can help quantify the impact of these types of yield losses for corn.

He said as grain dries down in the field, invisible loss — the dry matter loss that can’t be seen — can occur.

The corn is also at risk for mechanical loss, often referred to as head shatter loss, which happens when the ear hits the corn head and kernels shell off the ear, never making it into the combine.

This happens when the moisture gets close to 15%. When it is wetter, closer to 23% to 25%, this risk is mitigated or eliminated.

Trame said farmers can better understand the impact of these losses by entering their corn acres, anticipated yield per acre and harvest price into the calculator and see what they may be leaving behind in the field.