December 02, 2023

Beck’s and Shark Farmer dive into new partnership

ATLANTA, Ind. — Shark Farmer, agriculture’s most entertaining and boundary-pushing media personality, has a new home — or should that be tank?

Rob Sharkey, known in digital circles as The Shark Farmer, is not your average Illinois grain farmer. He’s the host of a popular podcast and multiple TV shows on RFD-TV, PBS and Acres TV.

Sharkey doesn’t hold back, and he certainly isn’t afraid to address controversial topics head-on.

Drawn by his connection to Beck’s faith-filled believe campaign, Sharkey wanted to work with a company that shares the same values.

He will provide a fully immersive look into working with Beck’s from the perspective of a farmer. He will lead viewers and listeners on a behind-the-scenes experience of selecting the right products for his farm, planting and managing the crop, and harvesting.

“I couldn’t imagine a better company to partner with than Beck’s,” Sharkey said. “We’ll be working together for a long time. My wife, Emily, and I would only work with a company we respect and trust.

“We only work with people who think the same way we do about important topics. We’re swimming in the same direction. That matters a lot.”

The new partnership will include special segments on Shark Farmer TV and Sharkey will be attending some of Beck’s events this season.

“We care deeply about the connection to the farmer, just like Rob Sharkey,” said Ashley Fischer, Beck’s marketing communications manager. “He’s a disruptor who is unwavering in his commitment to rural America and farmers. So are we.”

Beck’s wouldn’t partner with just anyone either. Since 1937, the Beck family and employees have put customers first, standing beside them as they face challenges head-on.

The company, the third largest seed brand in the United States, never sacrifices its values or faith, while Sharkey, a storyteller at heart, isn’t afraid of talking about the heart behind agriculture.

“With Rob’s loyal audience and our loyal customers, we’re excited to see his perspective as a Midwest farmer and how this collaboration can benefit everyone,” Fischer said. “After all, who wouldn’t want to swim with a shark if you knew he was on your side?”