December 07, 2023

FBN launches Cyber November online sales event

SAN CARLOS, Calif. — Farmers Business Network has launched Cyber November, its biggest annual online sale of agricultural inputs at Every product category FBN offers will be on sale, enabling farmers to enjoy discounts on seed, crop protection and livestock products, as well as additional discounts for first-time shoppers, returning customers, cash and large orders.

Designed as a one-stop online shopping experience to help farmers control costs and maximize profit potential by starting their crop inputs planning early, Cyber November will run through Nov. 22.

To coincide with the online sale, FBN also launched a major new crop inputs planning technology, FBN Acre Packs, a user-friendly tool that calculates a farmer’s total cost per acre and per product unit, giving farmers insight into their input costs — and their ability to control them.

Farmers shopping the Cyber November sale will enjoy the best savings of the year, with instant approval for qualified applicants and on-farm delivery date selection with free delivery for select products on orders of $5,000.

“The digital shopping experience at during Cyber November offers farmers some of the best input prices of the year — and more visibility into their costs and opportunities to drive profit potential than they’ve ever had before,” said Charles Baron, FBN co-founder .

“FBN pioneered price transparency in agriculture so farmers could compare prices of critical inputs, something consumers take for granted, but didn’t exist in agriculture. This year, we’re introducing FBN Acre Packs, a digital crop inputs planning tool that gives farmers immediate visibility into their final cost per acre for seed and crop protection based on their crop.

“Acre Packs simplify input purchasing by automatically doing the math using selected application rates within product label ranges to determine quantity and final cost, while allowing farmers to easily construct an input program with compatible products. Acre Packs provide a level of simplicity and insight that’s never before been available online to help farmers control ROI in their 2023 crop input plans.”

Anticipating that Cyber November will attract many farmers who’ve never shopped on before, FBN has prepared a checklist to help new customers take full advantage of Cyber November deals and to introduce them to some of the benefits of shopping FBN all year long.

FBN’s online store features crop protection, crop nutrition and seed, along with a wide variety of livestock products, including vaccines, antibiotics and nutritional products. publishes input list prices so farmers can comparison shop and offers instant discounts rather than rebates so farmers can realize their savings at the time of purchase.

Customers on FBN also enjoy agronomic information, and numerous options for financing for qualified applicants.

“We expect unprecedented interest in Cyber November this year because many farmers are eager to lock in savings and supply for next year. We’re meeting the external economic threats farmers are facing by introducing more functions and cost-saving programs than we’ve ever had before to help farmers control the variables that impact their bottom line,” Baron said.