April 20, 2024

From the Fields: Worried about the wind

August has been phenomenal since we have been blessed with weekly rains. We are approaching 8 inches of rain for the month. Yesterday, the farms near DeKalb got two and a half inches of rain and at home we got eight-tenths of an inch.

The corn is amazingly clean with no tar spot of any degree yet. With the rainfall, the plants are staying green and nitrogen seems to be adequate, but I always cringe at the forecast of wind this time of the year.

In some of my plots, I’m seeing some of the newer rootworm events performing extremely well. There is more documented resistance than other parts of the state.

The weed control in soybeans is pretty decent overall. There is a little bit of sudden death syndrome starting to show, but no wide-scale devastation and we’re getting far enough into the season that the beans should be OK.

Steve Pitstick

Steve Pitstick

Maple Park, Ill.