February 27, 2024

From the fields: Rain showers needed

We’re hoping for rain. It’s going to take a good inch, a couple of times, for things to get in better shape. Down in southwest Indiana, we’re extremely dry. With our crops, anything on lighter, sandier ground is really stressed on corn. We’re going backwards pretty fast. A rain now would probably stabilize it. But we’re lost some yield potential on the sandier, lighter dirt.

On the heavier dirt, it’s rolling and stressed. But it’s not as bad. It’s taking a toll right now. The corn is starting to tassel and pollinate. These high temperatures are going to be a problem. If we don’t get a good pollination, then the ear may not fill out correctly. That can lead to yield reductions.

We need more moderate temperatures and we need moisture badly. The weather service said that down on our way, it’s the second driest June on record. We keep missing the rains.

Soybean-wise, they’re not growing much. They’re kind of at a standstill. But if they get a good rain, they can bounce back easier than corn will.

Randy Kron

Randy Kron

Evansville, Ind.