February 26, 2024

Deadline approaching for 2022 barn grants

INDIANAPOLIS — The deadline to apply for 2022 Indiana Barn Foundation Preservation Grant is Jan. 31.

Indiana barn owners can apply for a matching grant up to $2,500 to complete repairs on their historic barns.

Qualifying barns must be located in Indiana, have been originally constructed for agricultural use, be at least 50 years old, retain their historic character and materials, and be in need of substantial repairs.

The grant award amount must be matched by the owner’s own funds, additional grants or loans, or in-kind value.

This is a competitive grant program, and the applications are evaluated by a committee and the final grant awards are voted on by the IBF board of directors.

A total of $5000 is awarded each grant cycle.

The application can be completed online, or copies of the form can be printed and submitted via regular mail.

About The Grant

Since 2018, the Indiana Barn Foundation has been helping historic barn owners with the challenges of barn restoration and preservation through the Preservation Grant Fund.

The fund and its grant program are intended to give owners financial assistance to start a project, keep up their momentum as they tackle complex restoration problems, or approach the finish line of a project in order to preserve Indiana’s remaining historic barns.

Learn more at www.indianabarns.org/grants.

Erica Quinlan

Erica Quinlan

Field Editor