May 22, 2024

From the Fields: A bountiful harvest

Harvest 2021 is over at Meier Grain and Livestock Farms. We were able to get the last of the corn out of the field before the latest rain. Some of it still needs to go through the dryer and some is dry enough to go straight to filling our December contracts in a week and a half. We have anhydrous booked for this fall and we are in the process of getting those tons strip-tilled on. With the rapidly increasing price of anhydrous this fall we have decided we will be using only what we have booked and hoping the price comes down some for spring. Plus, with having floodable river bottom ground we wait to apply fertilizer and anhydrous on those acres until spring. Once we have the anhydrous on we will switch to the ripper in order to work end rows and where we may have some compaction from hauling loads of corn out of the fields during harvest.

The warmer temperatures this week sure helped the wheat and rye seeding along. The fields are looking nice and green going into winter. A little traveling for a few parts this week, I did notice there are quite a few folks not done with harvest yet. It looks like this week is going to be a yo-yo week for temperatures from the low 30s to mid 50s, but no precipitation in any form is in the forecast as of now. Hopefully, that will help with harvest progress for those with crops still to get in. It would be nice to have our fall work finished up before my sisters and their families are home this coming weekend for our family Thanksgiving on Saturday. A day to enjoy a good meal and relaxing with family will be a nice way to celebrate a bountiful harvest. Here’s wishing you and yours safe travels, a happy Thanksgiving and wonderful start to the holiday season.

Kim Meier

Kim Meier

Ridott, Ill.