July 23, 2024

Mercaris announces updates to Acreage Analyzer, expands offering

SILVER SPRING, Md. — Mercaris has updated its Acreage Analyzer for non-GMO and organic crops. The tool, which was released earlier this year, helps users track organic and non-GMO crops including corn and soybeans, as well as other organic crops such as wheat and oats.

“We’re providing a tool that helps buyers and growers understand market share, evaluate production trends and identify expansion opportunities,” said James McKellar, director of data alliances and project management for Mercaris.

“Through the Acreage Analyzer, they can understand the aggregate view of the organic and non-GMO acreage in the U.S., but also narrow down the data to a subset of state and crop-specific queries.”

The only tool of its kind, the Mercaris Acreage Analyzer provides users with a dynamic interface that captures key statistics around the expansion of certified organic and non-GMO field crop operations and acreage across the United States.

“We’ve taken into consideration the needs of our users and built a tool that can provide value in the market,” McKellar said. “Whether you want to know where a commodity is grown geographically or what the yield trends are year over year, this is the place to get that information.”

Since its introduction last March, longtime and new subscribers find the tool easy to use, while the bi-annual acreage updates the tool provides to help generate projections.

For example, Mercaris estimates that total U.S. organic acreage will increase 6% year-over-year by the end of 2021, exceeding 9 million acres for the first time as the number of certified organic farms reaches nearly 20,000.

While the Acreage Analyzer is exclusive to Mercaris subscribers, a sample of the tool can be viewed at www.mercaris.com.