December 02, 2023

Farm Bureau advocates for hemp industry

INDIANAPOLIS — Indiana Farm Bureau plays an active role in the state’s hemp industry.

Jeff Cummins, associate director for policy engagement for INFB, discussed hemp during a podcast hosted by Midwest Hemp Council.

“Hemp has been a big piece of what our members advocate for,” he said. “In our policy book, we have policy positions supportive of hemp. It started at the county level, where members looked across the horizon and saw a new industry and an opportunity.”

The organization supports the production of hemp in a free-market atmosphere, supporting the legalization, production and commercialization for renewable fiber, oil and other potential uses.

Looking forward, continued hemp-related research will be important for the industry, Cummins said.

“Because our members have directed us to support opportunities in the hemp industry, we’re taking those opportunities with Midwest Hemp Council and others to learn more, see more, do more so we know better how to advocate and be supportive,” he said.

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Erica Quinlan

Erica Quinlan

Field Editor