October 19, 2021

From the Fields: Change of season

We can no longer deny it: fall is on its way. The humidity is dying down and the nights are getting cooler. We are reaching that point in the tradition between summer and fall where you have to defrost your windshield in the morning, but are in shorts and a tank top by the afternoon. Another sure sign of fall is the drastic transformation of the crops in the area. The ears of corn start to drop and the soybeans are all turning yellow. Before we know it we will be met on the road by combines, grain carts and semis full of grain. You may have already seen some of this equipment as tomato harvest is well underway.

With the change of season brings on all the Career Development Event contests in the FFA. We are currently practicing for our soil judging contest and will soon move into forestry and crops judging. These FFA members learn a lot of hands-on skills by participating in these contests and they open up a world of career opportunities that many never knew of before. If you are ever looking for ways to give back to a local FFA chapter and have a specialty in any of the contests areas, ag teachers are always looking for coaches that can give members an advantage. I always look forward to prepping for contests and seeing how well everyone does. They give our classes such a unique experience by allowing our students to take what they learn in class and apply it and use it. Hopefully these are the skills they will take with them long after graduation.

Jesi Davenport

Jesi Davenport

Plymouth, Ind.