January 18, 2022

Hoosier couple’s nonprofit feeds the hungry while teaching about agriculture

PERU, Ind. — When it comes to helping those in need in their local community, while spreading awareness about agriculture, Amie Osborn and her husband, Vince, have it covered.

Amie Osborn, who resides in Miami County and works full-time as vice president of commercial and agriculture lending at First Farmers Bank and Trust, created the nonprofit BOGO Foods, which stands for Buy One, Give One.

The nonprofit started off as a challenge task for the leadership class she was in.

When it came to creating the nonprofit, Osborn said she and her husband knew they wanted to create an organization that helped those in need in their local community throughout Miami County, as well as in Howard County, that would provide food, while also teaching about agriculture.

Osborn said she and her husband like the protein industry, so they decided to buy and raise broiler chickens in their garage and sell them at a premium price and use the profits to help feed those in need.

“It has evolved quite a bit in just one year,” she said, adding that they have 50 chickens they are raising and caring for in their garage.

Osborn is sharing her passion for agriculture by teaching those in the nonprofit about caring for livestock.

She is currently working with a family that has four kids, teaching them about animal husbandry and learning how to do rate of gain on the animals.

Osborn is also working with other individuals to start a community garden, which will be grown in large mineral tubs.

Ashley Estes

Ashley Estes

Field Editor