December 07, 2023

Hydroponics operation is able to grow leafy greens all year long

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — A big thing in today’s world is buying food locally, as well as food that is sustainable.

CEO Joe McGuire said Pure Green Farms was established from the desire to invest in sustainable food.

McGuire said Pure Green Farms produces some of the freshest and cleanest lettuce.

Pure Green Farms operates out of greenhouses with a grow system that allows for maximum plant density and the ability to produce a large amount of product.

“It’s done through automation — no hands actually touch the product,” McGuire said.

The farm also recycles the water the plants get through a very clean filtering system.

Pure Green Farms officially started two years go, but research on the operation started four years ago.

Right now, the operation is producing several different types of leafy greens, including baby romaine and red leaf arugula.

Its products are sold in stores in northern Indiana, which can be found at

The farm has a goal to keep growing more produce and sell it in stores throughout the state, McGuire said.

Ashley Estes

Ashley Estes

Field Editor