Moore: In the final stages

We received 1.7 inches of rain at my house in the last week. We started chopping silage Monday. We opened the silage field by harvesting eight rows around the outside and one pass down the middle. There were spots in the field that had standing water in the spring that only yielded 50 to 60 bushels, or less.

And sitting in the combine going through the field, there is still a lot of green out there. We’re getting hot days, but with the humidity, the corn just isn’t drying down very fast. We do have some early beans that are starting to turn.

I have some neighbors that had April planted beans that are just about ready to pick. As of right now, it looks like we’ll start picking corn the last couple days of September or beginning of October, which is about two to three weeks later than we normally start. For anyone that’s already started or getting ready to start, I hope you all have a safe harvest season.