Ramsey: Bring on harvest

These weeks seem to be flying past faster than they ever have. As they say, life is rough getting old. We had a productive week going in multiple different directions. We were able to wrap up our project in Muncie. That job was not complicated. Just takes longer because of the commute to the site. We also got a drainage ditch drained for the local county surveyor. That is a stinky job, dealing with all the rotten cornstalks, which all of us as farmers need to do a better job of keeping that stuff out of our ditches and streams. It cost a lot of money to remove and clean up and does all a lot more good in the field and not in the water.

We surveyed more prevent plant ground for installing tile. We are definitely not used to surveying in that tall of grass. Might have overheated my Jeep from a completely plugged radiator.

We almost finished hauling wheat out. Hopefully, we can wrap that up early this coming week. The anticipation of fall is building. The corn is turning quickly and our one variety of beans are turning quickly also. Harvest will be here before we’re ready, I think. Still hopeful to nose into some corn before the end of the month. It’s been plenty warm, but I don’t want to complain considering some of the weather guys are dealing with out west. Once again, lots of farms are dealing with unfortunate circumstances that will have a very serious impact on their farms this year from weather.

I heard of a farming accident out west where a father was killed already. As we all head into a very busy time for everyone, let’s all get in the habit and teach our help to get out and look. It doesn’t take us that long and would be good for us all to get out of the seat to check on stuff. A quick walk-around could save a life. Especially with any operation that has small children around, please be aware and don’t take chances. Everyone be safe out there, and I hope we all are surprised by the blessings we find.