Seib: Be safe out there

Well, Mark won and we did indeed start on Monday. Moisture ranged from 24% to 20%, but the big surprise was the test weight at 62 pounds. We had a few hiccups, but those are all ironed out going forward. Now we are ready for the next Monday, where we will begin in earnest with the majority of the corn crop.

My three-day glamping trip was awesome. We planned the 2020 events, brainstormed, laughed until our sides hurt and had some outrageously delicious food. It was such a positive experience that brought us all closer, so we can work as a unified unit on promoting and educating our city friends and Farm Bureau family.

It has been incredibly hot this week, and it looks to be a repeat next week. I told my son-in-law it was too early to close the pool on Labor Day, but I sure didn’t expect how right I would be. New Harmony Kunstfest is coming up Sept. 21 and 22. It offers lots of good food, a parade, crafts, music and more.

Remember: There is nothing worth risking your life in a grain bin. We lost a friend and saved a friend in PoseyCounty over the last two years. Think about who you would be leaving behind if you made the wrong decision. There are lots of bins filled with last year’s crop that have crusted over. Don’t think it would never happen to me. Until next week, be safe in all you do.