January 18, 2022

Illinois Beef Association announces Best Burger Contest winner

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — Cerno’s Bar and Grill in Kewanee was voted Illinois Best Burger in the Illinois Beef Association’s Best Burger Contest.

The contest was open for nominations on Facebook and the top five most nominated burgers were entered into the final round to determine the winning burger. The contest was held during the month of May to celebrate Beef Month.

Brian Crabtree, co-owner of Cerno’s Bar and Grill, said he was honored to hear that his customers selected his burgers as their favorite. Over the years, Cerno’s has shifted its attention to the restaurant side only serving fresh, never frozen food.

“I like to say it’s more like Cerno’s Grill and Bar because we definitely have upped the quality of our food,” Crabtree said.

Every burger is hand formed every day. And the community has taken notice to these positive changes.

People come from across Illinois to enjoy Cerno’s atmosphere and delicious menu. The restaurant is busy almost every day of the week due to the quality of food and service provided.

Consistency is Cerno’s top priority making sure every customer has an enjoyable experience.

“If you have a burger on Tuesday, we want you to have the same burger on Tuesday in 2021,” Crabtree said.

That attention to detail and dedication to consistency has kept customers coming back.

Cerno’s most famous burger is the PBR Burger made with real Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer. However, this does not stop it from adding new items.

Every Tuesday, there is a new featured burger on the menu along with seasonal items. The menu is updated every year to ensure the best items are offered all year long.

Cerno’s Bar and Grill has opened a second location in Elmwood, Illinois.

Over 1,500 Illinoisans voted on their favorite burgers. The other finalists included JV’s Downtown Bar and Grill in Waterloo, Hagel 1891 in Mt. Sterling, Moonshine Store in Martinsville and Mascoutah Steakhouse in Mascoutah.

For more information on Cerno’s Bar and Grill, visit www.cernos1898.com. Or, for information on the Illinois Best Burger Contest, contact Codee Schlipf at codee@illinoisbeef.com.