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From the Fields: Mending fences

We finished up harvest last week Monday. It’s definitely a good feeling to get all the crops out. We started fieldwork and hauling manure Tuesday last week. We ended up having to spread the manure on top of the ground because it ended up being too watery to knife in and we ran our vertical tillage over the manure to incorporate it in. With the weather being so nice we were able to tear some fence out around a field that was falling down. There’s more fence to tear out, but we got the worst of it.

We just have a few fields left to chose and cut stocks on before we can put everything away until spring. We did get all our anhydrous and fertilizer on. We’re just waiting on some lime to get spread to finish chiseling.

Had some good news Monday in regards to a COVID-19 vaccine. Pfizer came out and said their vaccine was 90% effective. There may be a light at the end of the tunnel.

Markets sure have been good lately and hopefully they will continue to be strong. Stay safe.

Monmouth, Ill.

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