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From the Fields: FFA selling fruit

What beautiful weather we have had the past week. I’m seeing many posts on social media of folks finishing up harvest 2020 on their farms. A number of them are getting a jump on 2021 by applying fall anhydrous ammonia, fertilizer, lime, or getting fall chiseling done. This is a welcome change from last year fighting wet field conditions and wet grain. We were able to get our cornstalk bedding bales for our cattle custom baled this week, and we have them all put away in the hoop building out of the elements for the winter. The conditions for making bedding have been perfect this fall. The cattle will really appreciate nice, dry, fluffy bedding when it’s below zero in a couple months.

I was up into Wisconsin this week and around the state line they were pushing to get soybeans finished in this beautiful weather. Still saw a lot standing, but progress was being made. We still have corn to finish here. I was into some of our river bottom replant corn this week. Yields are favorable for replanted corn and moisture came down a lot, but it is still running a couple points wetter than our first planted corn. We have been pleased with yield, test weight and moisture coming out of the field. This week’s warmer weather brought moistures down into the 16% to 18% range consistently coming out of the field. The forecast is for potential wet weather and cold moving in this week. To be honest, a rain day wouldn’t bother a lot of folks that have been in the field every day for a few weeks now.

In this time of COVID-19 causing the cancellation of many events and activities, it’s been hard to find ag activities to share happening in our communities. I’m excited to share that the Forreston FFA is having their annual fruit sale to raise funds for their chapter. Fruit may be ordered to be delivered to members that will then deliver it to your home or even better it can be delivered direct to your home from the company they are working with. My understanding is home direct delivery options are being shipped as soon as you place the order. Deadline for ordering is Nov. 20. Thank you to Kelli Gunderson, whose daughter, Ella, is selling fruit for making me aware of this fundraiser. COVID-19 is impacting fundraising for groups, as well, so this would be a great no contact way of supporting FFA and agriculture education without even leaving your home. If you have questions, please reach out to the Forreston FFA Chapter directly.

Hope everyone has a great week and enjoys these beautiful fall weather days. It won’t be long until snow is flying.

Ridott, Ill.

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