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AgPack partners upgrade offerings to farmers purchasing new Ram trucks from certified dealers

WESTFIELD, N.C. — Farmers and ranchers purchasing a new truck in 2020 and 2021 from a Certified Ram Agriculture Dealer will now receive upgraded benefits from AgPack Partners AgroLiquid Crop Nutrition, AgDirect, powered by Farm Credit, and Gallagher Livestock.

“AgPack is a first ever collaboration of 12 agricultural corporations dedicated to delivering maximum value at the farm gate,” said Pat Driscoll, president of the Certified Agriculture Dealer program. “By saving farmers and ranchers thousands of dollars on items they intended to purchase anyway, this collaboration through Ram trucks truly offers the American farmer and rancher a return on their truck investment that no other truck company provides.”

AgroLiquid Crop Nutrition, Certified Agriculture Dealer’s first AgPack partner, is doubling its offering to truck buyers, raising the credit towards AgroLiquid Crop Nutrition to $2,000.

AgDirect, powered by Farm Credit, offering flexible payment terms to match a farm’s income stream, is now offering a special 2.99% interest rate on any of the irregular payment plans with a term of up to six years.

The third AgPack Partner that has upgraded its offering is Gallagher Livestock with a substantial increase of its rebates to 25% for all Gallagher fencing, weighing and EID products purchased through gallagherusa.com, excluding water automation systems.

“The average redemption for farm and ranch customers who purchased a new truck last year from a Certified Ram Agricultural Dealer was more than $10,000 in savings,” Driscoll said. “That’s especially helpful in a year like 2020.”

That AgPack return on investment will continue to grow as new partners are added to the program which will happen again in December. Other current AgPack partners include Michelin and BF Goodrich tires; Rhino Ag equipment; Dixie Chopper commercial mowers; AgriEdge farm management system; Reinke Irrigation; Eby Trailers; Precision Reach Digital Marketing; and Farm Market iD agricultural data.

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