March 27, 2023

Cattle association moves forward with plans to hold annual cattle show

INDIANAPOLIS — The Indiana Beef Cattle Association is planning to hold the 2020 Hoosier Beef Congress by using an in-person format.

Joe Moore, who serves as the executive vice president of the Indiana Beef Cattle Association, said the IBCA recently had a meeting with staff at the Indiana State Fairgrounds and were given the green light to be able to host the event, which will be held Dec. 4-6 in Indianapolis.

Moore said although several parts of the show may look and feel different than they might in previous years, all the changes were made to help protect against the spread of COVID-19.

“It will look a little different this year,” Moore said adding that the show will involve the use of other buildings on the fairgrounds that are not normally utilized for the Hoosier Beef Congress in an effort to maintain adequate social distancing.

Moore said the association compiled a health and safety plan, which will be in compliance with Indiana State Department of Health guidelines.

While Hoosier Beef Congress will take place this year, Moore did caution that some of the events and activities that are held during the annual cattle show may not occur in the traditional fashion that they normally do.

One example, Moore said, is the format of the breeding and all-star auction that normally takes place the Saturday morning of the HBC in the show ring.

Normally, the show ring and the bleachers beside it are packed with people interested in the sale. Buyers will now gather in another building where social distancing is achievable and will watch the sale by video.

Moore noted that to help create as much of a sale vibe as possible, there will be a live auctioneer in the building taking bids as each animal for sale comes up on the video.

Besides the sale looking different, the building where everything takes place will look different, as well, because the annual expo show will be held in a completely different building, which will allow for the show rings and bleachers to be more spaced out.

“Hoosier Beef Congress is going to take place and information will be on the website very soon,” Moore said.

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