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From the Fields: Seasons change

It has been plenty hot lately. I’m looking forward to cooler fall weather and winter months. I hate to wish away time, but I’m not a fan of heat. We have been very busy even though. We had a crane and millwright crew in to stand up our dryer we hauled home. That went fantastically well. Always good to work with a good operator and crew. They also did a repair on a downspout that wore out and inspected the leg for fall. Big shoutout to Schafstall Inc. for the help.

We finished the last pass of spraying for the year finally. It’s always nice to park the sprayer after running it almost every week since March. The guys have been busy with getting repairs and maintenance done for fall. We hauled out the wheat crop. This is earlier than the last couple years. We have been busy on multiple dirt and tile jobs. Even with regular rain, the ground is getting hard again. But we’re trying to get mains laid so hopefully if we get back into wet conditions that will help start taking water away.

Beans are starting to try and turn. They’re still green, but you can tell they’re preparing to change. Corn is coming along well, too. We haven’t done any moisture checks yet. But with the weather our first corn milk line should easily be about halfway down. Won’t be long and dust will be flying from the combine.

Hopefully the summer has been treating you all well and hopefully the COVID craziness will be over soon so we can all enjoy at least one normal season this year.

Shelbyville, Ind.

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