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University of Illinois Feed Technology Center to feature Vortex products

Feed Technology Center under construction.
Feed Technology Center under construction.

URBANA, Ill. — Vortex Global announced a donation of slide gates and diverters that will optimize operations within the new Feed Technology Center at the University of Illinois and the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences.

The facility, currently under construction, will be a national hub for new discoveries and advancement in animal management, nutrition and production.

The $20 million state-of-the-art project, located at the University of Illinois South Farms, will accelerate advancements and expand horizons in technology and scientific discovery in feed ingredient utilization, new processing technologies and improved efficiency of food production.

“Vortex is proud to support the University of Illinois on this project,” said Vortex CEO Travis Young. “The impact the Feed Technology Center will have on research, innovation and process efficiency will be tremendous for many generations to come. We thank the university for the opportunity to partner on this.”

Included in Vortex’s donation to the Feed Technology Center are a total of 32 slide gates and diverters. Among these are the Vortex Gravity Vee Diverter, Vortex Titan Slide Gate, Vortex Seal Tite Diverter, Vortex Aggregate Gate and various accessories, controls and switches to increase valve performance and life span.

“We are incredibly grateful to Vortex for this generous gift. The equipment is vital to the everyday operations of the facility and, therefore, will allow our faculty and students to continue our tradition of innovation in the animal nutrition space,” said Rodney Johnson, head and professor in the U of I Department of Animal Sciences.

When it opens, the facility will drastically expand the capabilities of the more than 40 faculty members and hundreds of students whose work and research depend on the Feed Technology Center. Testing and calibration of equipment is expected to take place this summer with the goal to be fully operational by October 2020.

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