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Indiana trooper cleared in fatal shooting after traffic stop

JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. (AP) — An Indiana State Police trooper was justified in fatally shooting a southern Indiana man during an exchange of gunfire following a traffic stop, a prosecutor said.

Malcolm Williams, 27, died early April 29 after being shot by probationary Trooper Clay Boley. Boley said he returned fire after Williams shot first, and Clark County Prosecutor Jeremy Mull said July 8 that evidence supports the trooper’s account, although there was no video footage of the incident, the News and Tribune reported.

Williams had been a passenger in a vehicle that was pulled over for having no taillights on. After making the stop, the trooper called for an ambulance because the female driver of the car was having possible labor pains, Mull said.

While the trooper talked to Williams, the suspect pulled a handgun out of the glove box and fired at the trooper, who returned fire, Mull said.

Williams fired three shots and Boley returned six, all which hit Williams at close range — two in the side and four in different parts of his back, Mull said.

The woman’s accounts and evidence corroborate what Boley said happened, Mull said.

Boley was placed on administrative leave following the shooting and returned to restricted duty from May 10 to 25. He worked on patrol under supervision from May 25 until May 28 and resumed normal solo patrol May 28. His probationary status is set to expire Dec. 18.

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