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Syngenta site trials showcase new crop management tools

Keeping growers on the cutting edge

GREENSBORO, N.C. — To help growers face another challenging year, Syngenta will share the latest crop management technologies and best practices at Grow More Experience and Golden Harvest Agronomy in Action sites across the United States.

Trials will demonstrate the continued Syngenta commitment to accelerating innovation and finding sustainable solutions for a changing world. New protocols will be implemented at sites to ensure the safety of visitors at in-person sessions.

“As we navigate current societal challenges, we want to assure Grow More Experience and Agronomy in Action event attendees of our commitment to providing personalized, local experiences that boost their knowledge of products and agronomic practices that can help maximize yield and revenue,” said Grant Ozipko, head of technical services at Syngenta. “Our local teams continue to focus on helping area growers produce a better crop while being sensitive to the difficulties they’re experiencing.”

Visitors at Grow More Experience and Agronomy in Action sites can safely see a variety of field trials and other demonstrations of top-tier Syngenta products, such as:

• Saltro fungicide seed treatment for soybeans, which provides upgraded protection against Sudden Death Syndrome and robust nematode activity without causing early-season stress.

• Tavium Plus VaporGrip Technology herbicide, the market’s first premix residual dicamba herbicide, with two effective sites of action for use on dicamba-tolerant soybeans and cotton.

• The full lineup of Miravis brand fungicides, including Miravis, Miravis Ace, Miravis Neo, Miravis Prime and Miravis Top, all of which use the power of Adepidyn technology for broad and powerful control of diseases in corn, soybeans, wheat, grapes, potatoes, peanuts and other crops.

• Acuron corn herbicide, which controls tough weeds other products miss and out-yields other herbicides by 5 to 15 more bushels an acre when applied pre-emergence at full label rates.

New Golden Harvest and NK corn hybrids and soybean varieties will be tested alongside weed, insect and disease management products at many sites.

Customers can see the impact of industry-leading seed innovations, including Agrisure traits, Enogen corn hybrids and Enlist E3 soybeans and Roundup Ready 2 Xtend soybeans which help minimize risk and maximize growers’ return on investment potential regardless of field, soil and weather conditions.

Updates from sites across the country will be posted on knowmoregrowmore.com in the Field Trials section.

Site attendees will also have the opportunity to impact their local communities. Syngenta will donate $5 to each site’s local FFA chapter or chapters for every site attendee who registers onsite with a valid personal email address.

For more information about Grow More Experience sites, contact a local Syngenta sales representative at Syngenta-us.com/rep-finder.

For more information about or to visit a Golden Harvest Agronomy in Action site, visit goldenharvestseeds.com/agronomy-in-action/all-sites or contact a Golden Harvest Seed Advisor at goldenharvestseeds.com/seed-advisor.

Join the conversation online — connect with Syngenta at syngenta-us.com/social.

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