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RAM Agriculture Dealership status renewed

PERU, Ill. — Coronet Dodge Inc. of Peru has renewed its commitment to the area farm community by retaining its designation as an official RAM Agriculture Dealership.

“Trucks are a critical tool on the farm and ranch, especially during the spring season,” said Ken Credi, general manager at Coronet Dodge. “The work of the farm and ranch cannot be delayed, and it cannot be conducted without these implements. That is why we, with the Department of Homeland Security ‘Essential Industry’ designation, have elected to remain open during this critical spring season, in service to our farm and ranch customers.”

The Ram Agriculture Dealership designation enables Coronet Dodge to be able to offer a specialized AgPack package to farmers that provides a first-ever return on their truck investment.

The AgPack partner offerings are worth thousands of dollars to farm customers and lets the over 6,200 farm families in Illinois know the dealership understands the uniqueness of agriculture. Farmers who purchase a new Ram truck from Coronet Dodge can then access AgPack.

This truck industry exclusive AgPack package includes:

• Special financing from AgDirect, powered by Farm Credit, offering flexible payment terms to match a farm’s income stream.

• Exclusive rebates on Michelin and BF Goodrich tires — from tractors to trucks to toys, savings worth over $5,000.

• 25% off MSRP on Rhino Ag Products plus a gift card valued between $100 and $200.

• Ram exclusive 5% to 10% under dealer cost direct from Dixie Chopper on their entire line of commercial mowers.

• A $1,000 seed corn or $250 soybean seed rebate from NK Seed.

• One-year subscription to AgriEdge, valued at $5,000.

• $1,000 credit towards AgroLiquid Crop Nutrition.

• $1,000 toward a new Reinke Irrigation system and $500 toward parts on any existing Reinke system.

• 25% Ram exclusive rebates on many Gallagher Livestock scales and fencing products.

• Ram exclusive after purchase rebates up to $350 on EBY truck bodies and uplifts.

• Ram exclusive after purchase rebates up to $1,000 on EBY trailers — stock, equipment, or grain.

• Ram exclusive after purchase rebates up to $500 on EBY flatbeds and truck upfits.

Plus, all these benefits can be stacked on top of any manufacturer or dealer incentives currently being offered. To see this exclusive offer only available through a Ram Agriculture Dealership, go to: www.ramagdealer.com/.

To retain this elite dealer group designation as a Ram Agriculture Dealership, Coronet Dodge is required to maintain a minimum of three team members who have successfully completed an agricultural training program, created by farmers and ranchers, that has been peer reviewed for agricultural and educational correctness and carries several industry endorsements.

Coronet Dodge also continues to participate in continuing education that extends its knowledge of everything important to Illinois agriculture, as it happens in real time.

Ongoing education, combined with what the ag specialists learned through the Ag Awareness curriculum, will help the dealership to be an educated partner with area agriculture by proactively anticipating and meeting the changing demands of its farm customers.

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