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Pastures ‘growing strong’: Hay crop looks promising for 2020


MARTINSVILLE, Ind. — Due to an extremely wet spring and unfavorable growing conditions, pasture rotation and the quality and quantity of available hay has been down.

However, pasture grazing and the quality of forages for 2020 is still good.

Chris Parker, a retired Purdue Extension agriculture and natural resources educator in Morgan County, said pastures have had a fast start.

“Pastures came early, and they are growing strong,” he said, adding that good soil moisture can be attributed to pasture grasses and legumes growing so well.

Parker said cooler temperatures have been ideal for pasture forages such as tall fescue and Kentucky bluegrass.

“The first cutting is coming on strong,” he said, adding that unless cold weather occurs during the rest of the growing season, the first hay cutting of 2020 should be abundant.

Parker noted, in his opinion, he believes the first cutting, which is always the largest cutting, will provide farmers with a good start on their hay crop for the year.

“We had a period of dry weather a few weeks ago, and a lot of fertilizer and tillage was done,” he said.

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