July 25, 2021

IntelinAir, WHIN partner to deliver insights to growers

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. — IntelinAir announced its partnership with the Wabash Heartland Innovation Network, whose mission is to accelerate the adoption of IoT technologies in the Wabash Heartland region, support world-class research and education in agriculture and manufacturing technologies and, ultimately, to establish the Wabash Heartland as the global epicenter of digital agriculture and next-generation manufacturing.

IntelinAir is an analytics company that delivers crop intelligence to farmers through aerial imagery, computer vision, machine learning, agronomic science and intelligent user interfaces.

IntelinAir’s goal is to organize and digitize the world’s crop information and performance — making it universally accessible and useful to deliver high yields, greater efficiencies and sustainable farming to feed the human race.

In 2020, WHIN members will have access to IntelinAir’s flagship solution, AgMRI at 60% off of MSRP. This is part of a three-year agreement to bring meaningful crop intelligence to WHIN members to help them identify at-risk crops, monitor the effect of interventions and improve operational efficiency.

“We are excited to add IntelinAir’s AgMRI product into the available offering of smart technology to our members. By being alerted to issues as they arise, WHIN members will be able to proactively address problems and make more informed management decisions,” said Johnny Park, CEO of WHIN.