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Farm Equipment

Flanagan Implement and Service adds Fendt products

FLANAGAN, Ill. — Flanagan Implement and Service augmented its current product offering with the addition of Fendt tractors and combines. The new inventory is set to arrive in August.

“Flanagan Implement and Service has been a family business for more than 35 years, and in that time we’ve been honored to serve our loyal customers by providing the Massey Ferguson, Gleaner, Sunflower and White Planters brands. To support our growing market and the changing technological landscape of farming, Flanagan Implement is proud to add Fendt tractors and combines to our lineup of equipment,” said Todd Barton, sales manager at Flanagan Implement.

“Fendt has an industry reputation of developing some of the best solutions to challenges farmers and property owners encounter every day. These products bring an added level of technology and quality to every job.”

Flanagan Implement and Service has been a staple for farm implements and service in Flanagan for nearly 90 years. It has grown from a small-town, central Illinois implement dealership into a trusted, regionally renowned business known for its partnership with customers, employees and AGCO brands.

In grooming highly knowledgeable employees, focusing on an ever-changing target market and cultivating sustainable customer relationships, Flanagan Implement has built a reputation for living out the AGCO commitment: delivering value to the farmers, the people working for them and the future of agriculture.

“We pride ourselves on finding the best product fit for our customers. We understand that downtime impacts the bottom line, so we use our experience and knowledge to help find the right solution for the job, whatever that may be,” Barton said.

In addition to carrying the Fendt brand, Flanagan Implement and Service will stock quality parts and be able to service the equipment at their facility.

For more information on Flanagan Implement and Service, go to www.flanaganimp.com.

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