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T&T Fertilizer joins Ceres Solutions

GOSHEN, Ind. — Last fall, T&T Fertilizer began discussions and due diligence procedures in order to join the Ceres Solutions Cooperative organization.

Ceres Solutions is the area’s leading agribusiness cooperative, serving farmers with inputs and services, including seed, technology, custom application, crop nutrition, recommendations and plant health services. The company also supplies premium CountryMark diesel fuel, gasoline, lubes and propane gas to thousands of customers in the area.

The employee group at T&T recently announced that the company has officially made the transition and has begun to serve customers, effective immediately, as Ceres Solutions Goshen Agronomy.

What customers may notice right away is a new logo and several enhancements at the County Road 15 location.

“We look forward to this new era of service to our customers. We also greatly appreciate the leadership of Tom Lechlitner, who has been a valued supplier in local agriculture for so many years. Through this transition, Tom’s primary concern has been to ensure employees and customers will be well served in this new arrangement,” said Brian Glass, Ceres Solutions agronomy region manager.

Experienced local team member Jackie Mullet has been named to the manager position by the leadership group at Ceres Solutions.

She and her team invite farmers to the location’s open house Feb. 20 and to take advantage of Sale Week, which is Feb. 17-21.

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