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Beef Quality Assurance updates online modules

CENTENNIAL, Colo. — Building on its updated National Manual launched in summer 2019, the Beef Quality Assurance program has updated its online training modules to make them more realistic and useful.

The new modules are now available to those who are first becoming BQA certified online and those who are getting recertified as required after three years.

First launched in 2017, the online training modules have been embraced to date by more than 100,000 in the cattle industry. BQA certifications also are available at in-person training events offered through state beef councils, cattlemen’s affiliates, extension programs and other local efforts throughout the country.

Funded by the Beef Checkoff, the BQA program touches more than 85% of beef produced in the United States today.

“The new online modules maintain the program’s integrity and make its lessons more real-life and user friendly,” said Bob Smith, chairman of the BQA Advisory Board.

“They incorporate a wealth of input from people who use the practices every day, as well as experts in the field and share them in a way that is practical and understandable. We believe the improvements will make this successful program more enjoyable and an even better learning experience.”

The online BQA experience is tailored to each participant by industry sector and interest. After registering, participants are taken through an interactive training module that can be completed online, anytime, with participants starting and stopping training at their convenience without losing progress.

Categories for training and certification include Cow-Calf, Stocker and Feedyard. Online training and certification are available for free and accessible 24-hours a day, seven days each week, making it a convenient option for busy farmers and ranchers.

To find out more about BQA online certification, go to www.bqa.org/bqa-certification.

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