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AgWorks, FieldReveal partnership delivers decision-support software

DAVENPORT, Iowa — AgWorks LLC and FieldReveal LLC announced a partnership to jointly deliver zone-based, variable-rate and decision-support software to agricultural retailers throughout North America.

“When we met FieldReveal, we immediately found synergies, from ownership in ag retail to the way we sell and service our customers,” said AgWorks President Greg Duhachek.

“We saw quickly a fit in that we were looking for analytics and an ROI engine and they were looking for a precision ag tool for variable rate,” added FieldReveal CEO Matt Hesse.

AgWorks has invested decades developing the HighQ Decision Support System, which provides growers with a tool to analyze the numerous decisions made during the growing season and how these variables affect profit per acre.

This product has been utilized on over 5 million acres and is a key tool in helping retailers realize the value of their data and assist growers in making more profitable decisions.

“HighQ is really where we see the future of technology going,” Duhachek said. “The ag retail industry is sitting on a tremendous amount of data, but we’ve just not had tools to weave it all together. That’s what HighQ is designed to do. It is a data aggregation tool first and foremost.”

FieldReveal’s turn-key solution allows agronomists to manage fields using multiple data sets, including a simple composite soil test, standardized grids, a hybridized grid or zone approach and use of the Patented MZB Zone Management System.

“We focus highly on the fertility and seed management with our retailers who work with the growers,” Hesse said. “The intent of it is to be highly efficient in product placement and we’ve been seeing the results really paying off.”

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