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GROWMARK recognizes 2020 award winners

Top-performing FS companies recognized for excellence

BLOOMINGTON, Ill. — GROWMARK recognized several award winners at its 2020 Cooperative Leadership Conference.

Management Excellence Award

In 2019, GROWMARK introduced a new award to recognize the top financially performing members and retail divisions. The Management Excellence Award is a combined measure of operating expense efficiency and system support.

Lucknow District Co-operative Inc., based out of Lucknow, Ontario, took home the first-place award. Lucknow District Co-operative is led by President David Gibson and Manager Allan Scott.

The other four Management Excellence Award winners include:

• Second Place — Christian County Farmers Supply Company, Taylorville, Illinois: President Rob Woods and General Manager Mark Bauman.

• Third Place — Gateway FS Inc., Red Bud, Illinois: President Dennis Neuhaus and General Manager Carl Tebbe.

• Fourth Place — New Century FS, Grinnell, Iowa: President Kevin Herink and General Manager Jake Jacobs.

• Fifth Place — Heritage FS Inc., Gilman, Illinois: President Gary Boehrnsen and General Manager Mark Weilbacher.

“The management teams of our FS cooperatives use sound business practices to maintain strength and vitality in the marketplace,” said Mike Turner, vice president of Midwest Operations. “This ability to operate efficiently is critical to the success of any organization.”

Performance Improvement Award

GROWMARK also announced the top five FS Supply member cooperatives achieving the highest rate of improvement in return on invested capital over the past five years, 2015 to 2019.

North Wellington Co-operative Services Inc., based out of Harriston, Ontario, took home the first-place Performance Improvement Award. North Wellington Co-operative Services is led by President Tim Summers and Manager Kelly Boyle.

The other four Performance Improvement Award winners include:

• Second Place — Heritage FS, Gilman, Illinois: President Gary Boehrnsen and General Manager Mark Weilbacher.

• Third Place — Piatt County Service Co., Monticello, Illinois: President Bill Olson and General Manager Kory Kraus.

• Fourth Place — St. Clair Service Co., Belleville, Illinois: President Matt Myers and General Manager Jim Milleville.

• Fifth Place — M & M Service Co., Carlinville, Illinois: President Dan White and General Manager Brad Klaus.

“In the face of an ever-changing environment, our members and their talented employees continually nurture and grow ideas to help their farmer-owners and other customers,” said Brent Ericson, senior vice president of member business.

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