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National Pork Industry Forum March 4-6

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Producer delegates from across the United States will gather in Kansas City March 4-6 for the annual National Pork Industry Forum.

The 15 producers who serve as members of the National Pork Board and Pork Checkoff staff leadership will hear directly from Pork Act delegates appointed by the U.S. secretary of agriculture.

This year’s annual meeting of the Pork Act delegate body will emphasize the new checkoff vision, strategic plan and structure.

Each year the delegates confer, vote on resolutions and advisements and provide valuable direction on the important issues facing pork producers and the industry.

“The new, agile checkoff is obtaining industry input throughout the year as part of its new annual planning process and focusing on fewer top priorities,” said David Newman, president of the National Pork Board and a pig farmer representing Arkansas.

“Delegates will learn more about the results of this work to date and provide future direction for staff, especially related to the priority to anticipate and proactively address risks and opportunities.”

At the meeting, Pork Act delegates will rank 10 candidates for the National Pork Board and submit the list to the secretary of agriculture for approval. The candidates are:

• Deborah Balance, North Carolina.

• Ben Barcovtch, Pennsylvania.

• Jeremy Burkett, Wyoming.

• Todd Erickson, North Dakota.

• Heather Hill, Indiana.

• Larry Leipold, Minnesota.

• Scott Phillips, Missouri.

• Mike Salter, Wisconsin.

• John Scanga, Colorado.

• Alan Wulfekuhle, Iowa.

Prior to the annual meeting, members of the National Pork Board also will convene their March board of directors meeting.

Included on the 2020 Pork Forum agenda will be opportunities for pork producers to become Pork Quality Assurance Plus certified, as well as learn more about other pork industry programs. For more information, visit www.porkindustryforum.com.

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