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Doran: Soybean Summit offers learning opportunities

As we thankfully turn our collective backs on the 2019 growing season, the farm show and meeting season is in full swing.

The 2020 growing “preseason” provides numerous opportunities to see firsthand what is needed and not needed on the farm. It also features educational seminars to learn from last year and solid agronomic information to take to the field this year.

One such learning opportunity will be the Illinois Soybean Association’s 2020 Soybean Summit on Tuesday, March 10, at the Crowne Plaza in Springfield. The annual summit, funded by the checkoff program, features free seminars and a free lunch.

It begins with “The Best Agronomic Decisions are Homegrown,” presented by John McGillicuddy of McGillicuddy Corrigan Agronomics, followed by “Top Five Issues for Growers to Consider in 2020,” presented by Sara Wyant, Agri-Pulse Communications president.

The remainder of the day features breakout sessions on herbicides, soybean seed treatment, cover crops, evaluating/implement new ag tech, grain storage management, technology advantages in a down year, marketing, and cost management.

The afternoon also features a farmer roundtable and audience Q&A that focuses on the challenges and viable solutions in soybean production.

I have attended these summits since the first one was held several years ago and I highly recommend the event, both as an educational opportunity and also a chance for networking and fellowship.

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