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  • Celebrate Dairy Month
    For more than 75 years, milk and dairy products have been promoted every June in celebration of National Dairy Month. As consumers indulge in their favorite dairy products this month, National Farmers Union is taking a step back to the farm gate to recognize the hardworking family farmers who are involved in dairy production across the U.S.
  • Farmers need TPP OK
    Approval of the Trans-Pacific Partnership is important to American industry, it’s important to American agriculture and it’s important to individual farmers like me.
  • Battle between hog prices and feed prices
    Here we go again. Higher feed prices once again are the main story reducing prospects for profitability in pork production. In the first quarter of 2016, corn prices received by U.S. farmers averaged $3.60 per bushel.
  • Corn prices reflect weather and demand
    With the start of the critical three-month growing season, the potential size of the 2016 U.S. corn crop becomes the focus of attention. The market will follow weather conditions, crop ratings and weather forecasts in order to form yield expectations.
  • See animal abuse? Act on it
    If animal rights activist groups truly cared about the welfare of farm animals, they would do a lot of things differently.
  • Summer blooms across southern Illinois
    Now’s the perfect time. Everything in southern Illinois is lush and green. All of the trees are fully leaved, with some of them flowering.
  • Gone way too soon
    Writing my weekly blog for AgriNews is one of the highlights of my writing week because it allows me to express my personal opinion or share a story on agriculture with my readers. However, the purpose of this week’s blog is a little bit different from other weeks.
  • Fair Oaks offers ag education and fun
    I have a confession. Whenever I go to Fair Oaks for work, I don’t want to interview people. I want to play.
  • Nothing like setting low goals
    This wasn’t the first time nor will it be the last that a governmental agency’s proposal raised more questions than provided answers. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency set its Renewable Volume Obligation targets for 2017 that are below those intended in the Renewable Fuel Standard set by Congress.
  • Moving FFA speech offers valuable lesson
    I have had the opportunity to hear dozens of FFA officer retiring addresses. However, during this year’s state convention, one struck a chord in my heart and even brought a tear to my eye.

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