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  • Dalaney inspires in cystic fibrosis battle
    My heart has never been filled with as much pride as it was on a recent Sunday night. My boyfriend, Brian, and I sat on the couch, in front of the laptop and watched Dalaney Vickrey sort and help judge the Poland barrow show at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. 
  • Pork's boom-and-bust price pattern
    Markets can take your breath away, and the hog market over the past year has left many breathless. A year ago in March, the new porcine epidemic diarrhea virus was the talk in the livestock media. 
  • Always make time for family
    When I was promoted to manager/farm director, the founder and CEO of Brownfield called me into his office and pulled out a file containing the first check they had ever received from an advertiser and told me the story I already knew by heart, of how this company was started. 
  • Time to move ag trade forward with TPA
    U.S. agriculture exported more than $152 billion in products last year alone, and there’s room for more growth. 
  • Hoosier farmers step up to preserve land
    There’s a lot of talk today about the importance of agriculture and our ability to feed the world in the future. 
  • Looking forward to telling farmers' stories
    With each new year comes the opportunity to reflect, as well as look ahead. In April of last year, I began working for Indiana AgriNews. In that time I have received overwhelming kindness from co-workers, interviewees and everyone in between. 
  • Farmers add PR work to their to-do list
    Amid the constant barrage of misinformation, half-truths and just plain “cow stuff,” agriculture groups make a concerted effort to inform the public about how our food, fiber, feed and fuel is produced. 
  • 4-H, FFA benefit youth
    You can learn a lot not only by doing, but by listening and reading. I recently covered the annual convention of the Illinois Association of Agricultural Fairs. 
  • Time to get out and do some gardening
    When it comes to gardening, my family members are experts. Last year, my cousins had so many green beans they couldn’t can them all. 
  • Your garden can help pollinators
    Gardeners might be the last hope for the planet, said University of Illinois Extension educator Peggy Doty. In the ’70s, she said, using the slogan, “Save the Planet,” was a huge mistake because people are self-focused. 

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