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  • National Ag Day sends message to Capitol Hill
    Families all over the world celebrate the holidays of Christmas, Easter and New Year’s. Farm families and agriculturalists, however, hold a special place in their heart for another national holiday. 
  • Plan unveiled to aid farmers
    America’s farmers are the backbone of our economy, and I am proud to represent the 1,200 farms that call the 2nd District of Illinois home. Strong investments in our nation’s farmers are crucial to ensuring a continued and sustainable economic recovery. 
  • China is key to sorghum plantings in 2015
    China’s grand entrance into the U.S. sorghum market began in September 2013 and roughly coincided with the import ban of a type of genetically modified corn, MR162. 
  • Many factors influence soybean yield
    Achieving top soybean yields requires intensive management. All critical aspects of soybean production must be considered, including variety selection, planting date, crop rotation and tillage. 
  • Seed treatments boost soybean success
    Soybean seed treatment usage has increased as a way to help growers address concerns often associated with earlier planting dates. 
  • Farmers' hard work keeps the world fed
    Farmers in America aren’t just worried about feeding their families or community. A hundred years ago, this probably was true. But now American farmers have a much bigger challenge: Feeding a growing world. 
  • City slickers, farm folk find common ground
    Sometimes, you don’t need to beat people over the head. That might seem like an obvious statement, but I’m talking about agriculture and the ag message. 
  • Sometimes truth can be more than enough
    The story about the “story” told by NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams brought back a jarring personal memory. 
  • Talk to consumers about ag
    The average person in the U.S. today is three generations removed from the farm. “We have total disconnect, but we have a lot of people talking about what we do,” said Carrie Mess, a dairy farmer from Lake Mills, Wis. 
  • Looking forward to telling farmers' stories
    With each new year comes the opportunity to reflect, as well as look ahead. In April of last year, I began working for Indiana AgriNews. In that time I have received overwhelming kindness from co-workers, interviewees and everyone in between. 

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