April 16, 2021

State climatologist highlights spring outlook

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. — What weather does spring have in store for us? Will it get warmer or cool off? Is rain on the way?

State Climatologist Beth Hall said it currently looks like Indiana is still in the La Niña phase.

Springtime is likely going to be warmer and wetter this year, she said.

In the past, La Niñas haven’t always been consistent, but a hodgepodge of weather types, Hall said.

The current La Niña is trending more toward normal, but the warmer temperatures are only a degree or half a degree warmer, she said.

Hall said this spring could still have a lot of extremes when it comes to weather, but she doesn’t believe the outlook is looking like 2019 when it was a very cool and wet spring that kept farmers from getting in their fields.

She said there could be some flooding in the southern parts of the state, but unlike 2019 when such wet weather impacted the whole state.

Ashley Langreck

Field Editor